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 The Preamble and the New Andromeda Foundation

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PostSubject: The Preamble and the New Andromeda Foundation   Sun Jan 13, 2008 11:48 am


We, the Parvus, Astrums, Vocus and Ordinati of Andromeda, dedicate ourselves to the following Pillars, and we hold them higher in our hearts than any other values:

-----We shall defend our sovereignty at all costs, be it our physical, societal, economic, philosophical and political sovereignty.
-----We shall give respect to all who show us respect, even those we call foe.
-----We shall act in the best interest of our allies, our membership, and our honor, and we shall always weigh these three interests when we act.
-----We shall not force our ideals on others; instead we shall show our ideals in example.

We promise to dedicate ourselves to the service of Andromeda, and we swear to use our authority with benevolence. We commit to never use our power for personal gain. We swear to never shy away from our duties, no matter how dark the day seems. We, the Ordinati Officers of Andromeda, do hereby invest in this Foundation, and uphold it as our highest law.

We promise to be the voice of our people, and to represent the interest of our electorate. We promise never to turn a blind eye to those whom we swore to speak for. We swear to speak only the truth, and to only promise what we know is true. We commit to never abuse our authority, and never to use it for personal gain. We, the Voci of Andromeda, do hereby invest in this Foundation, and uphold it as our highest law.

The Foundation

Section I. The Ordinati Officers
--Article 1. The Ordinati Officers shall be the chief executive power of Andromeda; there will be six Ordinati Officers at all times.
-----Clause A. The Ordinat is the chief Ordinati Officer, the commander in chief of the Military Command, and the Moderator of the Concilium.
-----Clause B. The Executor of State (Executor Office: Department of Foreign Affairs) shall be responsible for building relations with foreign alliances, and drafting Treaties.
-----Clause C. The Executor of Finance (Executor Office: Department of Finance) shall be responsible for managing alliance foreign aid, tech dealing, trades and economic education content.
-----Clause D. The Executor of War (Executor Office: Military Command) shall be responsible for defending the alliance from rogue attacks, war organization, tactics, strategy, and military education content.
-----Clause E. The Executor of Membership (Executor Office: Department of Membership) shall be responsible for education, mentorship, morale, and recruitment.
-----Clause F. The Executor of Technology (Executor Office: Systems Development and Media Affairs) shall be responsible for systems development, systems security, statistics tracking, propaganda, and artwork.
--Article 2. The Ordinat may propose Officer Motions. An Officer Motion will be voted on for forty-eight hours, or until all Officers have cast a vote. An Officer Motion will be passed by simple majority vote.
-----Clause A. An Officer Motion on Membership is defined as a vote on the acceptance or revocation of Astrumship or Parvuship.
-----Clause B. An Officer Motion on Policy is defined as a vote on a changed or new program or procedure within the Executor Offices.
--Article 3. The Ordinat shall select one Executor as his or her Ordinat Alterum; the Ordinat Alterum will have all the authority and powers of the Ordinat, and the Ordinat Alterumís actions may only be vetoed by the Ordinat. If the Ordinat steps down or is impeached, the Ordinat Alterum shall become the next Ordinat.
--Article 4. The Ordinati Officers may appoint Astrum Deputies to assist them; Astrum Deputies shall serve at the will of the Ordinati Officers.
--Article 5. The Executors shall be appointed by the Ordinat, with the approval of the Ordinat Alterum.

Section II. The Voci
--Article 1. The Voci shall be the voice of the Astrums of Andromeda; there will be three Voci at all times.
--Article 2. The Voci shall be elected every 2 months by the Astrums. The three candidates with the most votes shall be named the winners; the voting period shall last 7 days, 2 days for announcements of candidacy, 3 days for campaigning, and 2 days for voting. The Ordinat Alterum shall oversee the election process.
--Article 3. If a Vocus steps down or is impeached, new elections shall be held immediately.

Section III. The Concilium
--Article 1. The Concilium shall consist of the Voci and the Ordinati Officers, and shall be the chief legislative power of Andromeda.
--Article 2. A member of the Concilium may propose Concilium Motions. A Concilium Motion will be voted on for forty-eight hours, or until all Voci and Ordinati Officers have cast a vote. A Concilium Motion will be passed by 3/4ths majority vote.
-----Clause A. A Concilium Motion for Treaty is defined as a vote on the signing or termination of a Treaty with a foreign entity. Signing treaties requires Ordinat approval. Terminating treaties does not require Ordinat approval.
-----Clause B. A Concilium Motion for Impeachment is defined as a vote on removal of a Vocus or an Ordinati Officer from office.
-----Clause C. A Concilium Motion on War is defined as a vote on the entrance or exit of Andromeda from an interalliance war. Declaring war requires Ordinat approval.
-----Clause C. A Concilium Motion for Amendment is defined as a vote on a change to the Foundation.

Section IV. The War Code
--Article 1. No member shall commit acts overt or covert acts of War against a foreign entity without the sanction of the Military Command
--Article 2. War may only be declared by Conciliium if a valid cause for war exists. The following are valid causes for war: actions causing direct damage to Andromeda or an ally of Andromeda (either damage to the nations of Andromeda or an ally or damage to the virtual data belonging to Andromeda or an all), theft of intellectual or physical materials belonging to Andromeda or an ally of Andromeda, espionage against Andromeda or an ally, and/or violation of an agreement made with Andromeda or an ally.
--Article 3. If Andromeda enters a state of War, the following provisions shall become active:
-----Clause A. The Ordinati Officers and Voci may not be impeached.
-----Clause B. Voci elections shall be suspended.
--Article 3. Nuclear weapons shall never be used in a first strike capacity on alliances unless there is an ample supply of evidence that the enemy intends to imminently use nuclear weapons in a first strike capacity; only the Ordinat may order a nuclear first strike. Nuclear weapons shall otherwise only be used in response to nuclear strikes on Andromeda or her war allies.

Ratified September the 14th, 2008

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The Preamble and the New Andromeda Foundation
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