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 Andromeda Summit Program

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PostSubject: Andromeda Summit Program   Thu Jul 17, 2008 4:29 am

In an attempt to further our foreign relations, Andromeda is announcing the creation of the Summit Program. The Summit Program will be used to set up 3 day Summits between Andromeda and foreign alliances, in which members of both alliances commune, and make a strong effort to better relations.

Summits will be held on the Andromeda forums, within private embassies. Any alliance wishing to receive an embassy with us must go through a summit with us.

Contact Ephriam Grey if you'd like to organize a summit.

  • September 5th to September 8th - Nebula-X
  • September 8th to September 11th - Jade & GUN
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Andromeda Summit Program
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