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 The Dawny Accords

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PostSubject: The Dawny Accords   Fri Jul 18, 2008 7:05 am

The Dawny Accords
A Temporary Protection Program for Young Alliances

Quote :
When I first came to lead the nation of Ithaca on Planet Bob, I almost immediately joined an alliance called Invicta. I learned many things from them, but one of the things that most impacted me was Invicta’s no tech raiding policy. I believed strongly in it, but, it was not until I went off to start Andromeda that I truly came to understand the problem with tech raiding – or, at least, I came to understand what I saw as a problem with tech raiding. This problem, in my eyes, was the occasional tendency of tech raiding to lead young alliances with potential to be decimated while they are still tiny, much as Andromeda war in our first days.

In those first days, I really wished we had someone there for us – not a protector, we just hadn’t had the time to build that type of a relation with someone. It would’ve just been nice to have someone to help us into the world. We were lucky, because we did have someone who helped us out and got a few alliances to stop raiding us, and that would be Dawny, leader of Invicta, who I’ve named this for. This program is a way for Andromeda and I to do the same service to young, enthusiastic alliances that we were given in our first days.

Please note, we do not in any way condemn those alliances who do tech raid. We believe strongly in our sovereignty, and we have no place to violate yours and tell you what is right and what is wrong.

  • Signatory Alliance – A signatory to this document under protection of Andromeda
  • Green Signatory Alliance– A green team signatory to this document under protection of Andromeda
  • Applying Signatory – An alliance applying for protection by Andromeda under this document

ARTICLE 1 – Sovereignty
  • Clause 1.) The signatory alliances recognize the sovereignty of Andromeda, and no signatory shall violate the Andromeda’s military, political, or economic independence, nor shall Andromeda violate any signatories military, political or economic independence. No signatory alliance shall allow any overt or covert acts of hostility against Andromeda by its members, and in the event of such actions, the signatory shall work towards a peaceful resolution with Andromeda. Likewise, Andromeda shall not allow any overt or covert acts of hostility to any signatory by its members, and in the event of such actions, Andromeda shall work towards a peaceful resolution with said signatory alliance.

ARTICLE 2 – Communication
  • Clause 1.) The signatory alliances recognize the importance of open communication between both the membership and leadership of their alliance and Andromeda. All signatories commit to building strong and active lines of communication with Andromeda. Furthermore, all signatory alliances and their members agree to be respectful to Andromeda both in public and private, and Andromeda commits to be respectful to all signatories, both in public and private.

ARTICLE 3 – Intellectual Property
  • Clause 1.) The signatory alliances hereby recognizes that all intellectual property released by Andromeda to the signatory alliances is the property of Andromeda, and takes responsibility for the containment of this intellectual property. The signatory alliances also recognizes and accepts responsibility for any damages caused by the disclosure of the intellectual property of Andromeda which has been released to them which has been disclosed by fault of the signatory alliances.

ARTICLE 4 – Green-Specific Ordinances
  • Clause 1.) Green signatory alliances are entitled to Andromeda guides, Andromeda calculators, and may request monetary aid from Andromeda.

ARTICLE 5 – Military Ordinances
  • Clause 1.) All signatory alliances shall be under the protection of Andromeda, so long as their members put the words “Protected by Andromeda” in their biography.
    Clause 2.) Andromeda may remove any signatory alliance at any time as stated in Article _, and reserves the right to deny protection to any signatory alliances. Andromeda is bound to state a clear reason if the removal of a signatory alliance includes denial of protection from a military threat.

ARTICLE 6 – Application Ordinances
  • Clause 1.) To apply for protection under this document, an applying signatory must submit an application on the Andromeda forums, including a copy of their charter, link to their forums, and their statistics. Alliances without charters or forums may not apply.
    Clause 2.) Andromeda shall respond to all application within 12 hours if physically possible.
    Clause 3.) Applying signatories may only be denied if a clear reason for denial is stated.

ARTICLE 7 – Cancellation Ordinances
  • Clause 1.) Andromeda may remove any signatory alliance from this document at any time, with or without warning, for any reason.
  • Clause 2.) Any signatory alliance may leave this document by giving Andromeda 12 hours notice.
  • Clause 3.) Any signatory alliance that signs another military accord will be removed from this document.
  • Clause 4.) Any signatory alliance that has been a signatory for more than 30 days will be removed from this document. Any green signatory alliance that has been a signatory for more than 60 days will be removed from this document. A signatory alliance may request an extension, but must provide a specific reason.[/

Signatories of these Accords:



Star Wars Republic Alliance

The Mean Green

Dictorial States of Justice

The Malachite Empire

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The Dawny Accords
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