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 (IRON/& OADP) The Fornax Pact [Void 08/27/08]

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PostSubject: (IRON/& OADP) The Fornax Pact [Void 08/27/08]   Sun Jun 08, 2008 5:41 am

The Fornax Pact

Optional Aggression and Defense Pact between the Independent Republic of Orange Nations and Andromeda

Quote :
The undersigned alliances recognize the sovereignty of the other signatory, and neither shall violate the other signatoriesí military, political, or economic independence. Neither signatory alliance or its members shall allow any overt or covert acts of hostility against the other party, and in the event of such actions, both signatories shall work towards a peaceful resolution.

The undersigned alliances recognize the importance of open communication between both the membership and leadership of both signatories. Both signatories will commit to building strong and active lines of communication. Furthermore, both undersigned alliances and their members agree to be respectful to the other signatory alliance in both public and private.

Both signatory alliances are encouraged to provide military, financial and/or political support in the event that the other signatory enters a defensive or aggressive war, however, such support is not required.

Both undersigned alliances agree to provide to the other any information pertinent to the safety of the other alliance.

In the event of the adoption or amendment of another treaty that contradicts this treaty, each signatory alliance will work with the other diplomatically to fix the issue. If not possible, they may agree to suspend the treaty for the duration of superseded invocation.

If either signatory alliance feels that this treaty has been violated, diplomatic negotiations have failed, or they wish to cancel this treaty for whatever reason, they may cancel this treaty after giving the other signatory two days prior notice.

Signed for IRON,
Meterman, President
Shan Revan, Secretary of State, IRON Council
OASISFAN23, Deputy Secretary of State, IRON Council
Heft, Minister of Communications
Freezer, Minister of Defense, IRON Council
MCRABT, Deputy Minister of Defense, IRON Council
Airknow, Minister of Internal Affairs
Matt Miller, Minister of the Vault

Signed for Andromeda,
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(IRON/& OADP) The Fornax Pact [Void 08/27/08]
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